Kim Bridgland

Director, Edition Office

Edition Office is an award-winning architecture studio based in Melbourne, founded by Kim Bridgland and Aaron Roberts in 2016. Through the execution of its built work and research, the practice is creating an ongoing series of figures, relics, stories and relationships; all continuing a greater investigation into material, spatial and cultural practice.

The studio has a great respect and admiration for a very diverse Australian landscape, and a considered awareness for the historical conflict that exists within all its terrains. This type of thinking and understanding of place and landscape as a space of conflict – fraught with its own historical, political and mythical undertones – permeates into the very centre of the work at Edition Office.

Angus Edward

Associate Interior Designer, K.P.D.O.

Over the past five years, Angus has contributed to an incredible catalogue of works locally and internationally in a number of sectors including single-residential, multi-residential, luxury commercial and hospitality. His acute attention to detail ensures quality design responses throughout all stages of the design process from initial briefing through to final client handover.

Part of Angus’ approach comes back to his ability to actively collaborate; both internally as a mentor to junior staff, and as a spring board for creative directors, clients, trades and further afield. This is reflective of his belief that, ultimately, good design starts with understanding.

Angus is passionate about all avenues of design and prides himself on extensive local and international connections, knowledge of architecture, design, the arts, product specification and material knowledge. His passion for understanding allows an informed and considered approach to all design outcomes.

Jess Humpston

Interior Architect, Foolscap Studio

Jess is an integral part of Melbourne-based interior architecture firm Foolscap Studio, having previously worked within large architectural practices following her completion of dual design degrees in interior architecture and fashion design. Jess draws upon her diverse experience across hospitality, hotel and workplace projects, perceiving design as a boundless discipline and merging human-centricity within the spatial design process.

Acutely aware of the industry’s ever-increasing ‘screen time’ in search of ideas, Jess reinforces her practice through a design-through-testing approach. She has a number of hands-on micro projects outside of the studio at any given time: namely furniture making, photography, painting and ceramics. It is this passion for expanding her knowledge that makes Jess a valuable and creative team member. She contributes an in-depth understanding of materiality, an affinity for experimentation and a unique empathy for the emotional experience of end-users in each project.

Jess’ approach and outlook allows her to drive projects across all phases of the design process, bringing together conceptual and aesthetic direction within the technical and pragmatic constraints of every project undertaken at Foolscap Studio.

Phillip Nielsen

Design Director, Regional Design Service

Phillip Nielsen is a registered architect and co-founder of Regional Design Service, which is an architecture and design studio in Corowa, NSW.

Regional Design Service was founded in 2017 and seeks to deliver meaningful, thought-provoking and sustainable design outcomes for rural and regional communities and their inhabitants. The studio works across a wide platform of project types, from strategic planning of small townships to local government infrastructure and residential housing.

Driven by a passion to understand how regional communities engage with the built environment, Phillip and his team are continuously provoking a conversation with their clients, community groups and local councils alike so that they may better understand the role of architecture. This passion involves the ongoing delivery of regional design workshops, which discuss the context, process and value of design, and importantly, directly engage with children, business, arts and historical groups.

Brittany Pearce

Interior Designer, Woods Bagot

A specialist in workplace interior design, Brittany’s signature ability is to ‘lift the lid’ and deftly uncover a project’s real needs and objectives. Curiosity, she says, is the greatest trait an interior designer can possess, and she brings it to her life professionally and personally through experiencing, observing and recording. Brittany has also worked across the commercial, education, lifestyle, retail and defence sectors – from large, pioneering integrated fit outs to small boutique spaces.

An active member of Melbourne’s design community, Brittany participates in design competitions, collaborates with colleagues in the design of furniture, critiques at universities and provides mentorship to her younger peers. Believing that a great workplace interior designer must “practice what you preach”, Brittany co-founded the Wellbeing program for Woods Bagot’s Melbourne studio.

Tom Reid

Senior Designer, DesignOffice

Tom has over eight years experience in hospitality, workplace and retail design, working across Singapore, China, New Zealand and Australia. Prior to joining DesignOffice, Tom worked across the Geyer Perth, Melbourne and Singapore studios on a range of workplace and retail projects for clients such as Telstra, Aēsop and Gazprom.

Tom joined the team at DesignOffice in 2016 and was the project lead on two recently completed Palace Cinema projects in Sydney and Perth. He is currently leading a large co-working project in Sydney, as well as two high-end retail projects in Auckland.

Tom’s approach to design revolves around user and brand experience. By understanding a brand, its DNA and history, we can start to translate this narrative into an authentic and considered brand experience.

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